La beauté soutient l’agriculture durable.

Développement durable

« L’esthétique est une composante essentielle de l’humanité car elle suscite a minima le plaisir et parfois l’émerveillement ». Edgar Morin

ould beauty play a role in supporting agriculture? Beyond its visual aspect, beauty can inspire, educate and motivate individuals to appreciate the values of the earth.

Beauty in nature.

I've already done an article on the golden ratio to show just how perfect it is.


The farmland itself is a source of undeniable beauty. From vast golden fields of wheat to lush vineyards and blossoming orchards, nature offers a captivating visual symphony. This natural beauty can inspire a deep love and respect for the environment, encouraging farmland conservation and the promotion of sustainable farming practices.

L’esthétique des marché

The colorful stalls form artistic arrangements of fruit and vegetables, creating a lively and attractive atmosphere. The best way to promote healthy eating and support local farmers. (And beware of fruit that's too perfect!)

Education through aesthetics.

Integrating aesthetics into educational programs can play a role in raising awareness of agriculture. Initiatives such as school gardens, agricultural art workshops and farm visits offer young people a practical and aesthetic experience of agriculture. These activities stimulate curiosity, encourage interdisciplinary learning and transmit values such as respect for the environment and sustainability.

L’esthétisme termine dans nos assiettes.

In conclusion, beauty has a profound influence on support for agriculture. From natural landscapes and colorful markets to art and education, aesthetics play an essential role in people's commitment to sustainable agriculture. By appreciating the beauty of the earth and recognizing its value, we can inspire positive change and build a future where beauty and agriculture thrive together.

Let's celebrate the beauty that supports sustainable agriculture, an essential source of inspiration and motivation.

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